Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When God Speaks all we have to do is listen, Or know how to sign.

Can you believe that after 32 years of marriage, two bio children, three of my brother’s children we took in when my brother died, and 9 grandchildren when we adopted 10 year old Pasha.  And we have been home four months since adopting him.  But Pasha had a best friend we were able to meet and spend some time with while we were getting to know Pasha at the orphanage where they lived and we grew to love him and many others.  One day as we were leaving from a daily visit with Pasha, he and Theodore ran up and ask if we could adopt him also, we did not know what to say because our  home study was only for one child, so how to you respond to this?

There were a few times that Theodore was able to sneak in to our room and would spend time with Pasha and us.  But when the workers discovered him there and would come in to get him, he and Pasha would grab hold of each other not wanting to be separated.  Finally, the day came when we were finally able to take Pasha from the facility but it was with bitter sweet tears because these two young men held to each other knowing they may never see each other again.

Recently as we were praying about whether or not to try and adopt Theodore, it was Pasha that God used to direct us in our decision.  We had been praying that God would send Theodore a forever family or that He would let us know what to do.  That answer came one night at the dinner table out of the blue.  Pasha looked up at both of us and signed something and Kathy and I looked at each other and almost burst into tears.  The question he asked was, "Daddy and Momma, could you go and adopt Theodore and bring him home so we can be brothers like twins."

That was all the answer we needed, “Yes God we hear you loud and clear even in the silence of our son's sign language.”  But since we have been praying about this, God just might be opening the door for us to bring not just one but two children home.  If so Pasha will have and brother and a sister like triplets and all three are from the same orphanage, all three are ten years old and all three are deaf, BUT NOT MUTE.  LOL!!! Ain’t God Good!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Koenig said...

Yes! We will support you as much as we can on this journey too! God Bless!

rosedel said...

I'm so excited to see a post from you! I will keep this next adoption in my prayers. I think it would be wonderful for Pasha as well as the other two. How is Pasha doing at home? School? Rules? Eating? You know, all that how is the "new baby" stuff. :)

Rev. Ben Dailey said...

Thank you both, we appreciate the prayers and the support GREATLY. Pasha is doing great, he is getting better with his eating and he will at least try new things now and finds that some of them he actually likes. So we are getting there. We have all of his medicals out of the way and all of the paper work we need to get him enrolled in school. Will keep you posted on that progress.

Marzena Starogard said...

Wow. Great news :D