Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 70 and our Adoption Journey is now complete! .

Well after what started over two months ago is about to come to an end and the next part of the saga will begin.  We waited and prayed for passports every day last week and on Thursday we finally made a decision that I would have to travel home and  because I need to be back at work on Monday.  So after we had not heard anything about the passport I booked my flight.  I then packed and got up at 2:30 AM Ukrainian time and began the almost 24 hour trip home.  When I finally landed in Chicago I turned my phone on and I had a message from Kathy that said, WE GOT PASHA’S PASSPORT and we are coming home Sunday.  PRAISE THE LORD. 

It was good that I came home early because Saturday morning the AC quit.  I thought it may have just froze up because our daughter had turned it up higher since we were not home and I turned it down some.  But I turned it off all day Saturday as I was doing all of my shopping that I needed to do for groceries and other necessary supplies.  When I arrived back home late Saturday night I turned it back on and it cooled a couple of minutes and then started blowing hot again.  So last night I slept with no air but I had a ceiling fan that I was able to use and also I was acclimated to the temperature from being in Ukraine in a couple of apartments that were very nice but had no AC.  So I called my sons Sunday morning and they were able to get the part I needed and got the AC back on.  They were working on the Stove trying to get it going again but the small tank I had gotten to get us by a couple of days uses a regulator and the stove also has a built in regulator so the two regulators combined kept the pressure so low the gas could not get through to the Stove.  But thank God yesterday we finally got a tank that allowed Kathy to cook us a regular meal of cube steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, Paula Dean's Green beans (Fried with Bacon and onions, WONDERFUL DISH), and Fried Green Tomatoes and biscuits.  Oh yes this ole boy eat till I thought I would pop.  Pasha on the other hand is still having eating issues, I think it is because his teeth are in such bad shape, and we will be getting him to the dentist for that soon.

There was a good bit of storm activity Sunday between Washington D.C. and Charlotte NC and because of it Kathy’s flight was delayed but she and Pasha finally arrived safe and sound at 11:30 PM Sunday evening.  What should have taken only 5 or 6 weeks max, actually took us 10 weeks.  And while there were times we did get home sick, we are truly thankful for the experience and the opportunity that we had.  Pasha is a great joy to be with, but at the same time he is a 10 year old boy with lots of energy and our Jack Russell’s don’t know what to think of him.  He loves them but they are trying to learn him.  The one dog I thought would be the one to take to him, is the one that runs from him and the one I thought would run she is eating him up.  She will let him do whatever he wants and she don’t mind.  I know the others in time will learn to love him and enjoy being with him, but right now they just don’t know what to do with all of this attention, and they don’t understand his playing methods but they will with time.

But we are so glad to be home and SO IS PASHA, the little man goes from the time his feet hit the floor of a morning until he goes to bed at night. He is loving his new home and surroundings, and we are losing weight keeping up with him.  But there one that I will like to say as I close out this saga, there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!


CAH said...

I got tears in my eyes reading this. Your saga is ending and mine is about to begin. I hope mine goes faster than 10 weeks.
Thank God you're home.

There's a family camp up in Michigan every year for families with deaf children. Maybe we can meet up there next summer and trade adoption stories.


Rev. Ben Dailey said...

That would be GREAT just keep up posted on when and where. Also can you email us your blog so we can keep up with you?